Garage Pub & Mille Lire

Eat, drink, enjoy, and escape.



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Crafting a fresh and engaging presence

Incorporating a vibrant blend of 1950s aesthetics with a modern twist, our client aimed to create a fresh, appealing website that could not only showcase their restaurant but also engage a wider audience through compelling communication. The essence of the design was to encapsulate the spirit of the era while seamlessly integrating contemporary elements.

At the heart of this approach was the desire to establish a genuine connection with patrons, reminiscent of the authentic connections we foster through our multichannel communication services. This careful blend of nostalgia and innovation mirrors our approach to brand communication, where we combine the timeless appeal of effective communication with the contemporary demands of the digital landscape.


The garage pub website

Garage Pub, touted as the best brewery pub in Lecco and its province, boasts not only about its fantastic brews but also about having the coolest and friendliest staff in the world. Yet, amidst these accolades, the essence of humility prevails. In the same spirit, our approach to creating their website was rooted in genuine, humble communication.

Much like the Pub’s unassuming attitude despite its excellence, our design aimed to convey a sense of approachability while ensuring the website’s effectiveness in communicating the brand’s essence. This balance mirrors the art of creating genuine connections in the digital realm, where authenticity and humility are key to fostering relationships across diverse platforms and cultures.


Same story, same site, different brand: Mille Lire Bistrot.

Maintaining consistency while evolving the brand’s online presence was the challenge posed by Mille Lire Bistrot. Just as we preserved the recognizable style of the restaurant, our communication strategy emphasized the importance of continuity in conveying the essence of the brand. However, this continuity did not equate to stagnation.

Instead, it represented a deliberate, thoughtful evolution, akin to how we approach brand communication. The careful consideration of every detail, akin to finding nuanced differences, reflects our commitment to tailoring communication strategies to individual brand identities while ensuring a cohesive narrative. Much like Mille Lire Bistrot, where every element is carefully curated, our communication services are finely tuned to create meaningful connections, irrespective of the platform or cultural background.